A very short explanation.

Difference in Branding & Marketing

It isn’t obvious to everyone what the differences in branding and marketing actually are from the get-go. ? As such, don’t be too surprised when you hear the two words being used interchangeably.

If your brand is your foundation, then to brand is to build your foundation.As mentioned in one of my previous pieces about building bold brands, to brand is to promise and to identify. Branding goes beyond visuals and appearance and further into all aspects of your company including corporate culture, customer service, and — yup, you guessed it — marketing.

Marketing is periodic promotion at a micro-level to increase sales that is done in a way that further reinforces the brand’s values, message, and distinct qualities at the macro-level. Branding is the basis for your marketing efforts.

Marketing gets customers ?. Branding builds loyal customers ?.

Marketing is tactical. Branding is strategic.